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Customs declaration is an indispensable activity in the import-export process and receives a lot of attention from businesses today. So what is customs declaration? Why should businesses use customs declaration services instead of self-declaration? Things to note when using the customs declaration service?... To learn more about this customs declaration, let's find out in the article below:
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What is customs declaration? Customs declaration service

What is customs declaration?

To put it simply, customs declarations are mandatory procedures at border gates, seaports and airports, allowing goods and means of transport to be exported/imported out of Vietnam's national border. .

Customs declaration service

The service provider will be responsible for completing the customs clearance procedures on behalf of your business.
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Why should businesses use customs declaration services?

- Cost savings:

Most import-export businesses think that self-declaration will save a lot of costs, but in fact that is just a theory. If an enterprise declares its own customs, it needs to spend a lot of costs, including operating costs, management costs, salaries for import-export staff, costs of recruitment, training, and professional improvement for the company. customs declaration and many other expenses incurred outside the flow.

- Minimize risk:

If you do not have experience working with the customs branch, it is difficult for businesses to complete the customs clearance and customs declaration process quickly. Moreover, if the Import-Export staff does not have much experience, it is easy to make mistakes and lack of documents in making documents, leading to difficult and time consuming customs clearance. If the customs clearance time is prolonged, it may affect the shipment, causing a loss of the budget.

- Professionalism:

Logistics companies with customs declaration services will continuously update new customs requirements, apply new circulars and decrees to quickly change and apply immediately to avoid false declarations and slow down the process. customer's customs clearance or get fined by customs for not updating. In addition, a professional Import-Export department has extensive knowledge, fast document processing speed, and good resolution for all documents. Some sets of import-export documents depend on the professionalism and trade practices of other countries, requiring import-export staff to be knowledgeable about foreign trade techniques, payment, delivery conditions, tax enjoyment criteria. export tax incentives, C/O... to make appropriate adjustments and enjoy tax incentives.
In particular, the professional customs declaration unit has many relationships with customs, inspection, port authorities, shipping lines, which helps to speed up the work progress, help the goods to get customs clearance faster, and bring more benefits to customers. many benefits for customers.

- Save time:

A new enterprise importing for the first time may have to spend a lot of time in learning the procedures and regulations on importing their goods, moreover, going to the customs branches to do this. The procedure also takes quite a while. Logistics companies often have branches in branches in big cities, near international ports or industrial parks, customs officers can come and do procedures quickly.

- Years of experience:

For each type of item, there will be different regulations and requirements for permits and procedures, so if you do not know the procedures corresponding to specific types of goods, it will lead to delay in customs clearance. influence the customer's business plan. Logistics companies have experience in doing customs declaration procedures for hundreds of different types of goods, thereby handling the problem simply and quickly.
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Customs declaration service Phu My - Cai Mep

My Xuan International Port Co., Ltd is a professional, reputable and experienced customs declaration unit in Phu My - Cai Mep area, especially in carrying out customs procedures for goods. Transport by bulk vessel (iron and steel, fertilizer, raw materials for animal feed production, coal.... With a deep and comprehensive understanding of regulations, procedures and practical working experience. in localities will help the shipment to be cleared on schedule, ensure integrity and safety with the most economical cost and avoid unexpected risks.In addition, MIP always accompanies customers products to advise and answer any questions you may have regarding the import and export customs field.

The tasks MIP performs:

  • Check import and export documents
  • Determine HS code
  • Determination of taxes and import and export duties to be paid
  • Determining the customs value of goods
  • Make a customs declaration and complete customs procedures at the border gate
  • License for import and export items subject to quality inspection, quarantinech plant, fumigate
  • Pay customs fees on behalf of the customer
  • Customs procedures for goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import
  • Customs procedures for dangerous goods
  • Service Certificate of Origin (C/O)
Immediately call the hotline 0901.388.136 to receive advice and support on customs declaration services for your shipment.

Location Contact

My Xuan Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.
Hotline: 090.1388.136, 090.9800.136.
Phone: 0254. 3897 789

My Xuan International Port is located in My Xuan Ward, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province (formerly My Xuan Commune, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province). With a water surface area up to 109,000 m2, adjacent to Thi Vai River in the West. The East is contiguous to Road 7B of My Xuan A Industrial Park. The South borders on Road 2B of My Xuan A Industrial Park.
With the above prime location, My Xuan International Port is the first choice for the convenience of both waterways and roads, enhancing connectivity with neighboring areas.

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